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Photo by Jojo Catlett @chasing_sunshine805


Photo by Jojo Catlett @chasing_sunshine805

About Thrive

Our mission at Thrive Wellness Workshop is to offer therapeutic outdoor experiences that inspire individual wellness, a deeper connection to nature and a sense of togetherness.

We accomplish this mission by weaving together the healing properties of nature with supportive conversation and therapeutic tools during each offering. Our workshops, retreats and nature experiences incorporate a combination of hiking, outdoor activities and group discussions to expand our connection to nature and promote individual and social well-being. Our goal is to create approachable and inclusive experiences for people of all walks of life to feel heard, connected, grounded to nature and less alone in navigating life's challenges.

Our offerings vary in location, format, participant population and frequency, but all incorporate our three core principles ~Explore~Reflect~Connect~ to facilitate a deeper connection with nature, ourselves and others. All offerings are led by one or more therapeutic facilitators, who pull from their experience in the mental health field to facilitate conversation and teach coping tools. These facilitators are not serving as therapists to participants in the offerings, but rather educational support guides.

Get a glimpse into our offerings!

Each offering at Thrive Wellness Workshop focuses on our 3 core principles:

Connect ~ Reflect ~ Explore


All offerings weave in non-clinical therapeutic supports during our time in nature. The facilitators pull from their knowledge and experience in the field of psychotherapy to create a safe space for conversation and lessons on healthy coping tools and managing some of life's challenges.

Workshops, retreats and events for connecting with nature, growing as individuals and expanding in community 



"I would recommend you go to an event with Thrive because it teaches you so many important lessons, like self confidence, and self esteem, and how to be kind to the environment. There are so many more, but you will have to learn that yourself. It also just makes you feel a lot more connected to the earth, and shows you to care more about protecting it."

- 12 year old camping retreat participant

"What stood out to me the most was how quickly every woman in the group felt open to being vulnerable and share their backgrounds and life experiences. The therapy exercises in serene nature allowed our group as a whole to really connect on a deeper level as strong, powerful wild women sisters!"

- 32 year old backpacking retreat participant

"Thrive wellness workshops have been a bright light for my daughter to connect with other kids during the pandemic and have a safe place with peers and able to talk about anything they want.  I could not have asked for a better extra curricular activity that does not involve a screen!"

- Parent of 11 year old participant

"My favorite part was getting outside, relaxing and being able to share my opinions and struggles."

- 14 year old participant

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