About the Workshop

Thrive Wellness Workshop is a wellness-focused outdoor workshop that creates a safe space for social connections, personal development and enjoyment of our natural world. Since our founding in 2018, we have been determined to get youth out in nature more and provide a environment of support. 
We run various programs throughout the year differing in age group, gender and format. Run by a licensed marriage and family therapist, our workshop provides the structure of group therapy and the flexibility to include participants from all walks of life. Outdoor therapy often targets at-risk youth, but our inclusive workshop aims to support all populations.


Our Story

I started Thrive Wellness Workshop out of my passion for nature, therapy and working with teens. As a young adult, I discovered my own connection to nature and have found my time outdoors to be one of the strongest and most reliable coping skills I have. Through our workshops, I aim to pass this lesson on to youth as well as other tools to help them get through adolescence with as much grace and adventure as possible. 
A secondary goal of mine is to reduce the stigma on mental health and getting help. I truly believe we all need support sometimes (if not most of the time) and there is no shame in attending therapy, a support group, or getting help in any form. I have structured our workshops to be approachable to participants at all levels of need, as long as the screening process deems it an appropriate fit; from a high-functioning kid with self-esteem difficulties to a teen experiencing bouts of anxiety. We hope you or or a kid in your life can join us and experience the benefits nature and our group have to offer!
- Tessa Magill, LMFT, Founder & Facilitator of Thrive Wellness Workshop


What kind of workshop is it?

Thrive Wellness Workshop is an outdoor program focused on cultivating our connection to ourselves, each other and our natural world. In our groups, we dive into a variety of topics like self-care, anxiety, healthy coping skills, social struggles and shared experiences, all while moving through a combination of nature hikes, group discussions, mindful awareness practices, lessons in basic safety and respect for nature. We hold several different workshops throughout the year, varying in format, age group, gender, focus and location. We aim for each participant to learn the joys of being in and caring for nature, and to leave the workshop feeling more connected, empowered and wild!


Not Specifically Targeted to 
At-Risk Youth

Many outdoor therapy programs target at-risk youth, but we are unique in our aim to support typically developing kids and adolescents as well as youth that seek a bit more support. Although no mental health condition or concern is needed to benefit from the experience, we provide a safe space to address concerns, stressors or disconnections in life. Our belief is that everyone deals with some conflict, ailment or stress, and our group discussions and lessons allow for working through and learning how to cope better with whatever you bring along with you. In addition, the vast majority of participants share common experiences, stresses and fears, which the group dynamic aids in supporting and working through.

Our time spent out in nature provides countless therapeutic lessons and much of our workshops are focused on hiking, activities and the natural discussions that arise during these times. However, our workshops also provide some structured aspects of group therapy, such as group discussions around a specific prompt, addressing interpersonal dynamics, psychoeducation and lessons on manage stressors or difficult emotions. 

A screening process is conducted for each interested participant to ensure goodness-of-fit and safety in the workshops.

Supported by

Thrive Wellness Workshop would not be possible without the support from The Empowerment Workshop and other important contributors.

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