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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it therapy?

We consider Thrive a therapeutic experience because wellness and mental health are at the core of our offerings, but Thrive is not a form of therapy. Events are facilitated by a mental health therapist who is functioning as an educator and leader to facilitate supportive discussions and education on healthy coping tools to promote the wellness of each participant.

We hope people from all walks of life will join and feel the benefits. Group discussions, journaling and learning healthy coping tools make up a portion of each offering, while hiking and nature lessons make up the rest.

How is it not therapy if the facilitators are therapists?

The lead facilitators of each offering are all mental health professionals who are accompanied by non-therapeutic co-facilitators. Lead facilitators pull from their experience and knowledge in the mental health field to create a supportive and educational experience to all participants. 

The Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) places rules about what is therapy and what is not. Our current formats in Thrive are not focused on treating a psychological problem, but rather creating a welcoming space for discussing life's challenges in a shared experience. Thrive participants will feel therapeutic support in a short-term and non-clinical format. 

As lead facilitators in the mental health field, we provide an added bonus of assessment, referrals and resources for those struggling with their mental health and we can point you in the appropriate direction when needed.

What are the youth workshops like?

Our youth offerings vary in format but always focus on personal wellness, connection and enjoyment of nature. During the hikes we incorporate a variety of activities including nature lessons, connection practices, journaling, group discussions, mindful awareness practices. 

We believe so much growth can come from a safe space to explore ourselves and see we are not alone in our struggles. Discussion topics include prompts and lessons around social connections, relationship to self and connection to nature. The facilitator pull from the individual and shared experiences of the participants of the group. Common topics we dive into are: self-esteem, anxiety, healthy coping skills, social struggles and self-care.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for a current offering on the OFFERINGS PAGE then we will email you next steps for minor consent

If my child has already done Thrive would they benefit from going again?

Each offering is unique to the group of participants in it so no experience is the same as before. The facilitators assess the needs and topics brought up by the participants to tailor the conversations, lessons and activities accordingly. We believe you will experience new connections, new lessons and new joys for nature in each workshop. 

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