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Staying well over summer

1) Keep a light structure Summer is often a time when all regular structure goes out the window. No school & more travel can lead to dropping of routines for exercise, self-care or wellness practices. So do yourself a favor early on this summer; set an intention or write a schedule that holds light structure. List 3 wellness priorities you want to maintain this summer for yourself and/or your kids and write down when you are going to fit them in your weekly schedule. Ready? Go!

2) Get outdoors in the mornings

As it gets increasingly hot this summer, set intentions to be outdoors in the mornings before the heat of the day sets in. Maybe it's having coffee outside, bringing the kids to the backyard to play or getting in a morning walk or hike. This way you are prioritizing outdoor time and catching it while the temperatures are mild.

3) Plan a screen-free day for yourself or the whole family

Easier said than done, I know... but hear me out!

We all know the benefits of taking a break from screens and although it can be really hard to do with work and breaking habits, you'll thank yourself later for making it happen. Maybe you plan for next Friday, you make a schedule that includes a morning with no checking social media and just a nice, slow breakfast. Then you get out of the house for the day, maybe a hike, beach day, drive along the coast and be mindful to stay off your phone. Then close out the night with a bonfire and s'mores, stargazing on the lawn, and evening concert or board games. Mix in any of your own preferences to make it fresh and fun!

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