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What you focus on magnifies

I don't know about you but I hear this messaging often and it was hard for me to conceptualize and apply it for a long time. "What you focus on magnifies", "Focus on the positive to root out the negative", etc.

The concept behind this messaging hinges on how our brains know no difference between what is real and what we think in our minds. Therefore, if every morning when you wake up you think, "Eh, another day and I still don't have the life I want", your brain will magnify this thought, perpetuate it and BELIEVE IT. It's almost like a groove that gets carved into your mind, just like a river cuts a groove in the earth. The water will keep flowing down that groove just like our thoughts will keep down the negative path, if we don't interrupt them.

So here's the tip: You can't control your first thought, but you can control your next

For example:

1st thought- "Eh, another day and I still don't have the life I want"

2nd thought- *INTERRUPT & SHIFT* "Actually, I have some good stuff happening today and how can I make today reflect a life I want.", "Actually, I am safe, fortunate and loved by many. I'm going to lead with that today."

When you focus on a more positive, actionable or functional thought, your brain will see it to be truth and it will MAGNIFY.

So what's something good you can focus on today?

What's a negative thought that comes up for you most days, how will you interrupt and shift it next time it shows up?

Replace those negative thoughts one at a time and your brain will shift and create new, healthy, and better-feeling grooves in your brain : )

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