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Embrace the slow-down

It's that wintery, slow-down time of year. When we might feel the twinges of agitation as the time change shortens our days, the rain comes and some social hibernating ensues.

For many, it's a moment of discomfort because it begs for a slowing down, a reduced feeling of productivity or "living out in the world". I bet it brings up something for you too.

So I invite you to take a moment, and:

1) Notice what your discomfort might be when things slow down... (Is it that you start to feel some feelings you're trying to avoid? Maybe makes you afraid that slowing down leads to something "bad"?)

2) Next, give yourself a little compassion for that discomfort, avoidance or agitation. It's normal, human stuff.

3) Then, see if you can embrace the slow-down. Just 5% more.

Do so by exploring...

- What inward/self-care activities can you focus on with this time indoors

- How can you connect with your family or friends with this different mental space

- Do a life edit and clear out your closet, junk drawer, inbox, etc. that can open up space

- Plan out a trip, event, dream for later in the year

- Or maybe just allow for an hour, a day, 5 minutes to sit on your couch and do absolutely nothing

Slowing down is what this season is all about, allow yourself to be here for it. And the best part is, getting back out in it all will come soon enough and it'll feel that much sweeter when you get back out there again!

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